Friday, September 12, 2008

Sad News

Our beloved friend, the talented and creative producer, director, graphic designer and actor Roscoe was unexpectedly called to the bridge on September 9, 2008 after a short bout of severe illness.
He is survived by his brother Opus and his humans.
His untimely departure will leave a big void not only within CCSI but the whole Blogosphere. He once moved across continents with his family but then he moved the hearts of many who will never forget him.
You can light a candle for him here.


Cynthia Rae said...

Thank you so much for the beautiful post of our Rosoce. It means so much to us that he is remembered by his friends. CCSI was such a big part of his life, he was so proud to be a part of it. There will always be a hole in each of our lives, a part of our hearts that Roscoe took with him when he went to the bridge. But know that he (and we) treasure your friendship dearly. And as for CCSI... wel, we think that Roscoe would say "the show much go on"!

With all of our love,
Opus and Cyn

The Cat Realm said...

It is just too bad that Roscoe and Anastasia only meet now, at the bridge. Oh what they would have accomplished together on this plane here... I shudder to think of it, hahahahahahahahaha! And I know both of them would never want any of us to be sad....

Sassy Kat said...

We are all so saddened that sweet little Roscoe was called away way too soon. I do know that even if I would have had another fifty years with him I would never be ready to say good-bye to him. The only thing that helps a little is knowing that we will meet again and when we do we will be healthy and free. I look forward to the day when I see him again and hear his little voice greeting me.
I know Roscoe is enjoying getting to know Anastasia and also getting to know Emil better. I think the next time I hear thunder I will know for sure that it is the three of them making the racket up there.
Peace and love to all of thouse that we have lost. Forever you will be in my heart and never far from my thoughts.
Until we see each other again . . .

Anonymous said...

Roscoe is among very dear, adventurous and creative friends at the Bridge. Knowing him, I think THE SHOW WILL GO ON there, too!!

He will NEVER be forgotten as one of the first founding members of CCSI.
Without you, Roscoe, there is/was no show!!

MoMo said...

We are greatly saddened by the departure of dear, sweet Roscoe. He will always be remembered fondly by us. Rest peacefully and one day we will be playing and continuing our adventures somewhere over the Rainbow Bridge.

Please look out for Perry, my non blogging cousin, who unexpectedly left for the Bridge 2 days ago. Keep her company until we come.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

It is always too soon to say good-bye. We want our friends and family to remain with us here.

Roscoe left a big hole in all our hearts and we miss his flowered bathing cap, psychedelic tuxedos, sense of adventure and personality.