Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sassy Retirement Day 5: After the Party....

Yes, it does look like another "aftermath", doesn't it??? Sassy pictures herself jailed in the dungeons of the Bastille already.

But this time we are actually NOT guilty! Sassy found out that a burglar was trying to steal valuable treasures out of Versailles and in his haste to escape when he realized that a party was still going on in what he thought was a deserted castle he shattered a chandelier, and broke some mirrors! Thanks to Sassy's outstanding CCSI detective work the burglar and his loot is caught...

...and Sassy is bestowed the Legion of Honor Medal by French president Sarkozy!!!!


And of course, there will be another CCSI, with Opus as new CEO of Little Productions and directed by Ruis. So watch out for the audition notice!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sassy Retirement Day 4: Party at Versailles

picture by Momo

When we learned about Sassy's retirement we knew we needed a very special place for the party! Don't you think Versailles is perfect? So we rented it for the whole day to give Sassy her party there!

The CCSI flag is flying above the castle, and the CCSI emblem is on the roof.

Everything is decorated in the honor of Sassy.

Here is the food and beverage room, in the "hall of fame", hahahahahahahahahahha. Feel free to eat and drink as much as you can, we have unlimited supplies!

Then, in the Hall of Mirrors, we give Sassy a "Lifetime Achievement Award" in honor of her contributions towards CCSI.

And then the dance floor is open, Momo, Sassy, Opus and Asta brought glow in the dark authentic dance costumes - so join in the fun and let's party!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sassy Retirement Day 3: More Sightseeing

Today we are visiting the Eiffel tower!

pictures by Karl

WOW, that was something! And now we will go and see Notre Dame.

picture by Momo

There is a very interesting gargoyle up on Notre Dame.....

From here we walk up to Montmartre where Sassy has her portrait done:

picture by Momo

And tonight we are having dinner at the famous Deux Magots!

picture by Asta

Come back tomorrow for the Party at Versailles!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sassy Retirement Day 2: Paris Sightseeing

For a nice overview of Paris we take a boat tour on the Seine, here you can see Notre Dame in the background which we will visit tomorrow...

picture by Karl

...and here we are about to go underneath Pont Neuf.

picture by Karl

Then we take the Metro...

picture by Asta

...to go and visit the Arc de Triomphe.

picture by Momo

We are taking lots of pictures, here are the handsome Mancats...

picture by Momo

...and here are the beautiful girls...

picture by Momo

...and here is the star of the adventure:

picture by Momo

Then we walk the streets of Paris (hahahahahahaha - NO pun intended!)...

picture by Momo

...and by the time we finally reach the Louvre it is already dark.

picture by Asta

Fortunately the Louvre is still open and we can get a good look at the famous Mona Sassy.

picture by Karl

We finish our first day in Paris with a good seafood dinner.

picture by Asta

Come back tomorrow and visit with us the Eiffel tower and Notre Dame!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Sassy Retirement Day 1: Arrival in Paris!

Our beloved CEO and the conceiving force behind CCSI is retiring.
We are all very upset about it but you can't tell a cat what to do - especially not a Sassy-cat...
So we accept the facts but will give her a BIG retirement surprise party.
She thought she could get away with just having a little get-together of the Little Productions board members but we went ahead and rented Versailles for the party and combined it with a trip to Paris.
Here we are, flying off to Paris from the studios with the MFV.

And here we are, arriving in Paris.

Tomorrow and the day after you will see us sightseeing and having fun in Paris, and then we'll have the Retirement Party at Versailles - and you are all invited!
So do come back for the next few days and participate in the fun, the more the merrier!

To leave a note of personal appreciation for all Sassy has done for the community with her fabulous creation of CCSI go here.
And don't despair - CCSI will go on, Opus has agreed to take over the CEO position and after the party we will have another announcement!