Saturday, November 17, 2007

Episode One

The Kidnapped Kitty Caper

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Part One and Part Two

Written by Opus and Roscoe
Directed by Ruis
Produced by Sassy

Fluffy, the cat, has come up missing without a trace. Detective Gil Fishham from the CCSI team arrives on the scene to investigate the house cat's strange and sudden disappearance. The clues deliver him to several suspicious characters, all with motives, but will he be able to sift through the deception to figure out who is the guilty party? Without a body, it will prove difficult to prove who murdered Fluffy and why.


Detective Gill Fishham - Latte
Baroness Momo the Fluff of Dicken St. Charles - Momo
Miss Fistacufs - Miss Daisy
Snarles, the junkyard dog - Tigger
Mr. Pesce, the fish market man - Asta
Sailor Sam - Ruis
First Mate Matt - Simba
Second Mate Sandy - Momo The Dog
Third Mate Chris - Maggy
Fourth Mate Sunny - Zoey

Little Productions Graphic design team:
Opus and Roscoe
(Asta made the photo of herself)

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