Thursday, April 17, 2008

CCSI III Scripts Always Wanted

The executives and myself at Little Productions are now putting the call out for new scripts for CCSI shows. Stories may be sent to my e-mail address that is listed on my blog. Scripts will be reviewed in the order that they arrive.

Little Productions has guidelines for the scripts that will be accepted. Those guidelines are as follows:

1. The title of the story should contain the word caper keeping with the theme of the first two shows.
2. Story should be proof read and as grammatically correct as you can tell.
3. Story should be between 1,000-1,500 words or close to that.
4. Story should be written in story form.
5. Speaking lines for all of the characters in the story.
6. Part of the story should take place in the crime lab. The forensic lab is the backbone so to speak for the CCSI story.
7. The crime scene should have evidence left as clues that can be solved in the crime lab.
8. Send your script to my e-mail address:
9. Accepting scripts at anytime but hurry if you want to be considered for CCSI III.

l-r: Opus & Roscoe, Producers & Graphic Design; Sassy, Executive Producer; Karl, Chief Graphic Designer & Writer; Ruis, Director & Graphic Design; & Momo, Advertising & Marketing Director.

All of us at Little Productions are looking forward to receiving new scripts for up coming shows.


Brownie said...

Hi, i'm thinking in a new script, I promess i'll be awesome.

Can it has pictures now, or you creeate the piks?

Sassy Kat said...

Hey Stifler stopped by because I saw that you visited the CCSI blog. I am so happy that you are working on a script. We are going to take scripts at any time. If you want to do photos that is great, if you need help with photos we can help too. I hope the script will be in English as I am not too good, as a matter of fact I am bad in Spanish. Thanks for stopping by and visit me personal blog:
I would like to get to know you.

Even if scripts come in before you finish your story please keep working and e mail it to me when you are done. Can hardly wait to see what you are working on.