Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Episode Five

The Old Famous Caper

Written by Skeeter
Directed by Ruis
Executive Producer Sassy

A disappeared son.
A concerned father.
A mother with an interest in gardening.

Will the CCSI team be able to bring closure to this family?

Part One
Part Two

(in order of appearance)

Detective Skeeter - Fat Eric
Obsequious Servant - Dr. Tweety
Mr. Sylvester Famous - Luxor
Lady Di Famous - LC
Brighteyes Famous - Perfectly Parker
Lt. Dewlap - Titus
Lt. Meezer - Ayla
Flyright Mhor - Angus Mhor
Mousemaster Fergle Famous - Miles Meezer
WowWow Evermore - Pearl

Production Team

Executive Producer - Sassy Kat Little
Executive Board - Sassy Kat, Momo Kitty, Opus, Karl, Ruis, Asta
Producer - Opus
Writer - Skeeter
Adapted To Script - LC and Ayla
Head Director - Ruis
Assistant Director - Karl
Costumes - Asta
Set Design - Karl
Advertising & Marketing Director - Momo Kitty
Graphics - Karl and Ruis
Promotion Graphics - Karl
Casting - LC and Ayla
Chief Repurrrorter - Samantha


Asta said...

This is soo pwofessional
Bwavo!!! evewyone!!!
Little pwoductions is the BEST!
smoochie kisses

Sassy Kat said...

I agree with Asta. Everyone did a fantastic job! This production was tops. Thanks to all that made this show a great success. This one for sure will go down in history right along side of the Bogart movies!